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Monday, November 9, 2009

Update 2: Oh, Canada!

A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to Canada to take me to a wellness center to work with this woman that my parent's met last summer. It was pretty incredible. When I came back after a week with her, I felt more alive than I have in the past few years. Unfortunately I haven't been able to maintain that too well since I've been back, but I'm trying to get myself into good habits. Basically, Janet was helping me to figure out what I needed to work on, and how to do that.

The Plan:

1) Establish a disciplined sleep schedule (regular bed time and wake up time, even when I'm still tired). This has been a particular challenge. Let's just say, I'm working on it.
2) Eat properly/healthily, with a few smalls meals a day instead of 3 bigger ones. And there's a whole thing with alkaline and acidifying foods, but mostly I'll just say balancing foods well. This is still pretty challenging, but I would say that I'm definitely doing better on this one. More raw foods/veggies, WAY less things that you can just put in the microwave. I actually bought and cooked fish one day, that was a pretty big moment for me. Unfortunately, my "busy" schedule (cushy for other people, maybe, but pretty tough for me) makes it hard to plan out food and stuff well. But I'm trying. I'm currently boiling some rice that I'm going to have with a salmon patty, some veggies, and maybe some eggs. That sounds tasty!
3) Nutritional supplements to try to help me absorb enough nutrients, because at my current health state, I am not able to properly absorb business. I do pretty well on those, but I still don't always take them all everyday. But I'm do pretty well. : )
4) Oils (essential oils, blends mostly) to help my body have a chance to sort of "break the pattern" of CFS. Janet says that they help to change the frequency of my cells, to get them away from the frequency of CFS (or, a better way to visualize it maybe is that they help keep my cells from returning to their "muscle memory" positions of CFS). Maybe this sounds bogus, but they help a lot, so I'm just going to go with yes, that's what they are doing. When I was in Canada, Janet would give me an oil treatment every morning after our healthy breakfast, and I always felt AMAZING after those. I would have the energy to go out and see stuff with Mommy. Here, I have some of the oils, but I can't give myself an hour long oil treatment every morning, so it's not quite the same. Need to work on that too.

So, I have things to do, and I'm trying to incorporate them into my life in a way that actually works which has been the challenge, but I definitely know that they make a difference, and I am doing better than before I left. Also, Janet thinks that it might be possible with proper nutrition/supplementation for me to eventually get off of the Atenolol and my body might be able to do what it should again, so that I don't have to be on Atenolol for the rest of my life. I know that right now the Atenolol makes a really big difference for me, so I'm definitely not ready to try to go off of it anytime soon, but maybe after these next six months or something. We shall see.

Moral of this story: I am trying to develop good habits, and am having a bit of trouble actually playing that out. But I'm working on it. : )

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  1. Wow! Janet sounds FAB-u-lous! She sounds like she could help the average jo feel better too!


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