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Monday, February 22, 2010


I haven't updated in forever, but I have a new update. I've been on atenolol since my table tilt test in the fall, and it's been great. I started out on 12.5 mg (half a tiny pill) every morning, and it was wonderful, but 1) I was still having trouble sleeping, and 2) I would forget to take it a lot of the time. I was supposed to go back to my cardiologist in March (6 months after starting the atenolol, 3 months after the last time I saw him) but I called him and moved the appointment earlier (beginning of Feb). He increased my dosage to a whole pill, and now I take it at night. It fantastic! It's been a few weeks and I haven't forgotten it once yet--it's so much easier when it just sits on my nightstand and I pop one in when I get into bed--and I haven't had trouble falling asleep once since the change. Yay! That's not to say it's perfect; I had some pretty interesting vertigo the first day, and I have still had a few weird days and stuff, but it seems to be mostly on the improvement side. I also love taking it at night. It feels like the equivalent of Lasik or something: I wake up in the morning, and am just fine! I don't have to remember to take stuff, I can just go through my day. I loves that part.

Mmk, I think that's about it.

And I got an iPhone, lol.

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